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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Humans Can Be Grown In Pods In The Future, Test In Lambs Successful

In 2002, studies on how to create an artificial womb created a buzz in the scientific community. Last year, the concept of growing humans outside the womb is slowly turning into a reality. Initial tests on lambs were successful and in the coming years, human embryos can be grown in a see through pod.

Humans Can Be Grown In Pods In The Future, Test In Lambs Successful

Incubators saved countless lives of premature babies and the idea of growing babies from embryonic stage up to the mature newborn outside the womb seems like playing God. Have science gone this far? The prototype biobags were a lamb was grown was filled by synthetic amniotic sac. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is the place where the scientific breakthrough happened.

Human Pod

A viral video from Product Design Arnhem shows a concept incubator that looks like something that can be bought from a mall. The yellow pod looks slick and quite futuristic. The concept design says that parents can even talk to the baby and play music on it. The artificial womb also shows the vital signs of the foetus.

Lamb Pod

If this new invention reached the mass production can pregnancy become obsolete? Many people are skeptical about this idea. Let's just hope that we won't face a Brave New World or Matrix scenario in the future.

Fetus pod

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